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Recent commission for Telerama (Paris)

Fear and Flying

Posted in Commissions, Freelance, Magazines, Photography on December 2, 2009 by Thomas Allen

This image was commissioned for the November issue of Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine for United. You can see it (and read the accompanying story) here.


Here’s the version that I preferred. However, the one published required a bright background to fit into the magazine’s layout.


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A clear and an almost-naked version of this image will appear in an upcoming issue of Men’s Health. They called me last month and asked if I would be interested in doing something with two different editions of The Joy of Sex by Dr. Alex Comfort (the original 70’s version and the ultimate revised edition that is being released on January 6, 2009). To answer my answer with a question—”Who wouldn’t?” 

With knife, nimble fingers and glue stick, the hirsute woman from the first edition ditches her yeti-looking partner for the pleasuring touch of a smoother, clean-cut lover from the 21st century! 

On deck: An editorial piece for MORE magazine (Toronto).



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Many of you have heard me blather on-and-on about the work I did for O Magazine (“O’s Memoir Feast”). You also know that I’ve been very secretive about it and refused to share previews with any of you. Don’t take it personally. I wouldn’t even show my mother! My wife saw a few of them, but only because we live in the same house. 

Now that the issue has finally hit the stands I am now at liberty to share the fruits of my labor with you, but I won’t. I worked day-and-night for nearly a month and a half; I spent 3 of those days cutting out a pine tree; sliced and folded multiple paper chairs, tables and beds until my fingers hurt; went through a 40 count box of X-ACTO blades (and then some) and shot over 700 digital samples.

Posting the results here is, well, just too easy!

Therefore, I suggest you look at it while standing in line at the grocery store (if you put it back I will never know), try to find the pictures online (I know of one blog that posted a few detail views) or steal it from your doctor’s/dentist’s/parole officer’s office! 

To show you that I’m not a total hard ass, I’ll give you the page number to start on: 166.

If you are stubborn, broke or forget, don’t worry. I’ll post all of the images (including the ones that were rejected) next month, once the issue is gone. 

Don’t delay.

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