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  1. Thomas,

    Thanks for this blog post-I, too, was a huge fan of Lisa’s ballsy actions, and was sorely disappointed to find out the “truth” (if that’s what it is, and I can’t imagine it isn’t). For a while there, I didn’t want to believe it was true. Too often, artists steal from one another, and you’re right, it’s not artistic license. It’s stealing, plain and simple.

    Being in the art industry does not mean that you don’t have to know what’s right and wrong, what’s moral and amoral, and what’s legal and what’s not-everyone has that responsibility, especially business owners. Especially if you’re a business owner who is throwing stones. Make sure your studio is not, in fact, a glass house.

    Please feel free to check out Copyright Collaborative, if this issue interests you and you want to be part of the solution.

    Thanks for your hardwork on bringing the truth to light, as uncomfortable as it is.


  2. Having written an article about Cody Foster’s alleged copyright infringement against Lisa Congdon, I am now following up on these allegations against Congdon. I would like to know if I can interview you about this? I write about the Oakland Art Scene for the, thank you.

  3. As the owner of the Lemur image that was copied from, I want to thank you for your amazing research, and also all the kind people that have highlighted this to me.

    I have contacted the illustrator and asked them to remove the on-line image which is still being sold. She has agreed to do this.

    I am now considering whether to take action against the publisher, maybe simply sending them bill to cover the fees that I would normally charge for an image to be included in a book.

    Sumiko, if you need one of the original photographers for your article I would be more than happy to participate.

    Once again many thanks


  4. Thanks for all of the help, Thomas! Here is a link to the article.

    Jon – I am going to do a follow up article from the photographer’s POV and would be interested in any quote or commentary from you, as well as the image. My email is

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