Sometimes a thing comes along that is so original and beautiful that you feel the need to share it. For me, that happened when my daughter pulled a long, cardboard tube out of our mailbox.

“It’s for me!”, she said (grinning from ear-to-ear). I looked at the return address—Cocobee. I was puzzled. I usually remember when I order something and thought for a minute that I was ‘losing it’! Then I saw that it came from Saint Paul, MN and was 99% sure of who sent it—my friend Leda Zych. Leda and I attended graduate school together at the University of Minnesota.

After opening the tube, we slowly (and carefully) unrolled THE CARTOON PERIODIC CHART! I looked at it in sheer awe. Each element was drawn by Leda’s brother Zak. This award-winning project is beyond brilliant and in my thank you to Leda I stated that I may finally learn all of the elements! If you’d like one of your very own (trust me, you will not be disappointed), you can get it here.

Now I just have to get of my…and mount/frame it.




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