I noticed this on Amazon today, so I figure it’s okay to talk about it now. This is the cover for Jasper Fforde’s upcoming addition to the Thursday Next series of novels.  Jaya Miceli at Penguin Group USA is incredible—basing the composite on the constructions I photographed for her (see below). This is my 4th Jasper Fforde cover.

As an added bonus, this idea gave me license to buy the scroll saw I’ve always wanted (that can now be deducted it as business equipment).


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  1. […] How terrible is it to confess that I don’t love Jasper Fforde‘s Thursday Next series? Yes, I love the premise (what bibliophile wouldn’t?), but after finishing The Eyre Affair a few years ago, I really wasn’t blown away. However, I do love the cover for Fforde’s upcoming Thursday Next novel, The Woman Who Died A Lot, by Thomas Allen, whose work is always spot on for me. Click the image to see it larger, and check out Allen’s original composite photographs here. […]

  2. Your confession is not terrible. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – favorable or unfavorable!

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