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Posted in Photography on January 15, 2011 by Thomas Allen

I started this pseudo self-promo a couple of years ago, but became frustrated by the aging processor in my old Powerbook that failed to consistently sync the soundtrack with the visuals. I finally threw up my hands and walked away from it — until a few months ago when I was invited to Tulsa to give a public presentation at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Equipped with a new MacBook Pro and the latest version of Apple’s Keynote, I trashed the original and started over with all new elements. Possessed by a perfectionist mindset, I was obsessed with getting every detail correct – from typeface to transition. Since my ADHD brain craves and feeds on the rush of an impending deadline, I finished ripping the final version in my hotel room, minutes before my ride arrived to take me to the museum! I was an even better rush occurred when PAPER CUTS blasted onto a screen that was bigger than my house in jaw-dropping color, amazing clarity and backed a thumping soundtrack—a Verve remix of Sarah Vaughan’s FEVER by Max Sedgely—that shook the entire auditorium.


Even though it’s much smaller here, I hope (fingers crossed) you enjoy it:


(NOTE: It’s best when viewed full-screen)

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