After being detained by customs agents at the UPS sort facility in Louisville, KY for over 3 months, my copy of FUTURE IMAGES (©2009 24 ORE Motta Cultura srl, Milan) finally arrived. Edited by Mario Cresci the book is intended to explore at an international level the works of some of the emerging artists who use the photographic medium without adopting the generic schemata of traditional photography.  Its release nearly coincided with the opening of my exhibition at 1000 eventi gallery in Milan last month (more on this later). Artists are presented alphabetically, making it one of those times in life when having a last name that begins with the letter ‘A’ a good thing!


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  1. Congratulations on the notoriety, Thom! The book looks intriguing. I’m pleased to have discovered you…..your work xo.

  2. More posts please. More often please.

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