Wreck The Halls

Another year/another look at some of the finest holiday trinkets a thrift store has to offer unload!


I’m almost certain that the face is based upon that of another fictional, stand-in mom.


It was difficult trying to choose just one image from this ‘spread’. Click on the picture to see my other favorite (YES – It’s BONUS DAY!)


Click image for detail.



44 Responses to “Wreck The Halls”

  1. when your finished with it, can i make it into rings?

  2. Absolutely! Funny thing, I was telling El the other night that you and I should collaborate on some rings!!!

  3. Love it, I’ll be checking in every day šŸ˜€

  4. hmm , i am now a blonde …
    reminds me of a frosting night way back pen

  5. NO ONE wants to see those pictures again!!!

  6. Yeah! The twelve days of Christmas again! Loved this last year and looking forwards to another dose of festive tackiness

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  9. Oh, would be perfect for Aperture’s year-end appeal! šŸ˜‰

  10. Thanks Michiko. Now the pressure’s on!

  11. Just wait. Tacky will become an understatement!

  12. I’ll do my best to keep you visually satisfied.

  13. It’s a Wonderful Life all over again…helping an angel that’s fallen to get back up. Mrs. Fletcher would be so proud!

  14. how about after you finish wrecking the halls?

  15. EXCELLENT. Something to look forward to. It will be the perfect cure for the post-holiday blues!

  16. Oh here we go again. My secret twisted inner twin is already beginning to chuckle knowing what’s coming. Did she have a hand in raising you or was it that Grandmother of yours? Bonnie is smiling in anticipation so don’t let her down!

  17. My dearly departed grandmother (and yes, she was twisted-that’s why I loved her) guides my equally twisted vision every day!

  18. i so get that

  19. I love knowing I can still find your creative insanity out here in the middle of the Pacific. Mele Kelikimaka Angel !

  20. YEAH! So good to see your words!!! I bet it’s not cold and muddy where you are.

  21. Since I pretty much do all of this one-day-at-a-time, there may be instances where I will need to edit/update an image for continuity. That said, DAY 01 has new text.

  22. HA! You were right about Mary’s expression…she’s almost got an eye-roll going on.

  23. I’d like to comment on Mary by saying, she’s not that hot. God must have like her for her personality….

  24. Perhaps it’s the fact that she looks an awful lot like Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett – FACTS OF LIFE)!!!

  25. And the eye-roll is followed by, “grumble grumble…Immaculate conception?…grumble grumble…Son of Who?…grumble grumble…Born in a barn? (I don’t think so)…grumble grumble…HEY! GABRIEL! Annunciate THIS!…Hmpf! Jesus Smeezus.”

  26. or her strong hips

  27. I feel guilty laughing at the Virgin Mother.

  28. So this is where these finds ended up? Hmm, interesting treasure finding a Carol Burnett character look-a-like who could not paint a staight lippy line made the “Tacky” holiday parade count down. Where did I go wrong?

  29. Wrong? Nah. I just learned to look at things from a darker point of view. You have your mother to blame thank for that!

  30. Santa Baby! LOL

  31. Oh my eyes! My eyes!! But, you could bounce a quarter…or a lump of coal… off that ass.

  32. He is rather ‘toned’ for a man of his age.

  33. Thomas — I love your photographs and want to hang them in my home. Where can I buy one? Do you cost a fortune?

  34. a little gift sitting in my inbox every day. thank you, tom.

  35. You’re welcome. Imagine them wrapped and in your mailbox everyday!

  36. Christopher Jackson Says:

    OMG, I hope the Vatican doesnt see this, you’ll be, at BEST, relegated to purgatory [limbo] surrounded by pagan babies, for eternity!

  37. Kelly Stevens Says:

    Oh T, you are bringing a tear to my eye I am laughing so hard.

  38. Drink plenty of fluids. I’m just warming up!

  39. Santa damn well better wash his hands before he comes to my house.

  40. I’m sure I’ll be in good company.

  41. Ruben Natal-San Miguel Says:

    Loving them! Keep them coming!

  42. Day 10!
    Boy am I glad I stopped by to see what happened on the last few days before xmas.

  43. Sorry. My intentions were good about sending out notifications for the last few days, but I got wrapped up (literally) in Christmas!

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