Fear and Flying

This image was commissioned for the November issue of Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine for United. You can see it (and read the accompanying story) here.


Here’s the version that I preferred. However, the one published required a bright background to fit into the magazine’s layout.


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  1. […] Thomas Allen shows that even vintage copies of Pride and Prejudice included zombies with a book-cut illustrationhe created for this article in United’s inflight magazine. […]

  2. Thomas, I love this piece–a perfect complement to an article about the book we published. I’m the publisher of Quirk Books, and I’d love to ask if you could do something with our edition of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES…..

    If you’re interested in a commission, please get in touch!

  3. I read your wife’s blog and have been exposed to some of your work there. I was traveling over Thanksgiving and paged through Hemispheres when I was stopped by your image above. It looked like your work, so I thought I’d check here to see. How cool to come across it like that. Plus, it was fun to feel like I “know” the artist!

    I really love your creativity and hope to see your work in person one day.

  4. Kelly Stevens Says:

    I flew to Australia on United in November, and it was like seeing an old friend to flip through the magazine and see your work. I promptly nudged the lady next to me and said, “See? This is my friend Tom’s work!!”

  5. That is so gosh darn nice! Andrea Ratermann, who I met at DR, posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding up the magazine. That was the first time I saw it!

  6. You might see another if you’re on an Air Tran flight next month!

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