In February, I mentioned that I was invited to participate in a group show at 1000 eventi gallery in Milan. Yesterday, I received a series of installation photos taken of the exhibition. I was thrilled to see that I shared a space with Andrea Mastrovito. His cut flower garden installation made from books is absolutely astounding. In the previous post, I poked fun at him for “stepping on my toes”. Perhaps I sounded offended or ‘put-off’. If I did, then I need to choose my words more carefully in the future. I am a huge fan of Mastrovito’s work. It’s smart, multi-layered, delicate and, most importantly, crafted in a similarly obsessive style (which I fully embrace). It’s terrific to know that other artists share the same love for paper as I do. Watch for Mastrovito’s next show at Foley Gallery (NY).






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  1. Congrats! Looks very nice indeed.

  2. your paper sculpture is very beautiful. interesting.


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