The new Jane Hamiliton novel is finally available! No, this is not a book review—just a cover story!  This is one of two different illustrations that I created (part of my agreement) for Laura Rider’s Masterpiece (the cover layout you see here is the first proof). The other cover image is going to remain a mystery for now (it may be used for the paperback edition). The entire process was a blast and working with Anne Twomey at Hachette Book Group USA was a real treat—extremely nice and very funny.

I read the manuscript (yes, I liked it), and put together a handful of digital composites. Early on,  Anne had this vision of Laura Rider being Snow White-like with birds fluttering around her head and fauna scampering at her feet.  After seeing the samples, she decided that it wasn’t going to work. I agreed.


With the field narrowed down to two I located, ordered, cut, arranged and photographed the books. Once the high-resolution scans were uploaded, I sat back and did what I always do—worried about whether or not they would be rejected. Sure, it’s ridiculous and irrational (I’ve yet to disappoint anyone), but I can’t help it. To illustrate just how illogical my thinking can be, I offer the email that I received from Anne a few days later:

I love this.
I showed it to the editor and publisher, and they LOVED it.
I brought it to a big meeting with my sales department and THEY LOVED IT.
This is highly unusual occurrence, to have so much agreement about a cover.
Thank you! Thank you!

I’m such a worry wort sometimes all of the time.


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