A collector in Greece recently purchased two of my prints for her husband’s 30th birthday (I KNOW!). It seems that he saw the story about me in Patek Philippe a while back and has been a fan ever since. Because they were gifts, the client asked if I would be willing to make a birthday card to go with them. I thought  a self-portrait would be nice. Happy Birthday Nikos!

[ NOTE: I blurred the special birthday wish, written in Greek, that I was asked to include to insure that this card remains one-of-a-kind]


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  1. Hello Thomas,
    I remember seeing your work from the Bellows Gallery site, and after I came across your work again this morning, I decided to try and track you down.

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work, and it’s exciting for me to see your new work here on your blog. I plan to link to you if that’s okay



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