March Madness


The March issue of Harper’s is about to hit the stands (if it hasn’t done so already) — markng my 4th appearance in the magazine since 2005. I was a bit overwhelmed when the request came in, but to be honest, I can never say , “No” to Stacey or Alyssa. With less than a week to come up with 4 illustrations for a piece on the Frankfurt Book Fair, my only option was to work with what I had on-hand (in regards to source material). I decided to keep things minimal by shaping the visuals from non-printed book cloth. 


The exception to the rule is the final image. To make reference to the fair’s lavish buffets, silhouettes were sliced and lifted from the not-so-lavish covers of two old Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks.  

 My copies of the magazine arrived today and, as always, the reproductions and layout look terrific. The text of the article itself has been distorted out of respect for Harper’s and its readers. 



4 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. Tom is a genius….am happy that your magazine recognizes this

  2. excellent! will have to pick up a copy right away!

  3. Just saw the article in Harper’s and loved the images! Can’t wait for the ‘Joy of Sex’ to come out!

  4. […] Plenty of lead time is given to read the copy, ponder the problem and come up with a solution (with one legitimate exception). I feel valued, am rewarded handsomely and, best of all, I’m entrusted with full creative […]

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