Time Keeper


A few weeks ago, my daughter received a “Make Your Own Clock” kit-in-a-can from grandma for her birthday. We sat down to put it together on Sunday and I promptly tossed the instructions after reading the first line: “After marking the center, drill a 3/8 inch hole in the lid of the can.” Who in their right mind would find joy in putting clock parts on the package they came in?

I went down the basement to find a more suitable substrate. When I came back, my daughter’s attention was focused on Play-Doh and Littlest Pet Shop Pets, thus leaving me to finish the job alone. I have Jody Churchfield at O Magazine to thank for the book!


2 Responses to “Time Keeper”

  1. Love your work!
    This would be one of the best looking clock I have ever seen.
    I wonder what you will do on assembling Ikea furniture =D

  2. So far, I’ve followed the pictorial directions to IKEA furniture to the letter. However, I do enjoy shopping the ‘parts’ section whenever I’m there.
    Glad you like the clock. The funniest thing is that it keeps better time than any of the other ones in the house!

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