This is a poster advertising my show at Ogilvy New York. This piece of visual genius is the work of art director, Dustin Copeland, who cut the books himself (a true man after my own heart). As I sit here with a goofy and awestruck grin on my face, I find myself wishing I were there when Dustin put this together. I, of all people, respect the fact that making something this painstakingly perfect is, by no means, an easy feat. I would have enjoyed watching the setup process to see if he had to fight (like I often do) with any of the books to keep them from falling over. Regardless, Dustin is my new best friend and I certainly hope we have a chance to meet face-to-face one day.

Hold on—I’m not finished yet.

I must thank Jun Lee, curator at Ogilvy New York. She is responsible for the putting the show together which, in turn, led to the poster. Thank you!

Thomas Allen show currently showing at Ogilvy NY World Wide Plaza 7th FL


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  1. Absolutely fantastic.

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