Progress [I]


With two weeks left until their first project is due, my Kendall students have been amazing me with their progress. A few of them have agreed to share what they have so far and I’m pleased to post them.

****February 4th, 2009****
Here are two more that arrived today:



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  1. Very Impressive!

    I would guess that all students use DSLR cameras. Do they use a macro lens? How do they light the subject?

    Now would you please write the book telling us how to do something like this.


  2. Students at Kendall have the benefit of being able to check out department Canon DSLRs.
    However, not everyone is working in this format. Some are using traditional materials (ie film, paper and chemistry).
    As for lenses, I believe the standard issue is an 18-55mm. I’d have to double check.
    Now, regarding a how-to book. I will certainly entertain that idea!!!
    Anything specific you would like to see? Should is have a step-by-step DVD tutorial?
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Well I have a significant collection of dvd’s for photography. Tony Sweet on HDR and Bob Krist on Nikon CLS flash are the most recent. I believe Bob does an excellent job respecting the viewers intelligence. Some dvd’s seem a bit childish, and include a lot of poor country music. I am a bit of a nut when it comes to learning new things, and probably prefer the book format.

    Just an idea. Do enjoy your work. My Harper’s arrived. Nice!

  4. iheartfilm Says:

    Been enjoying the blog. Nice work.


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