kendallI can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University this semester. I was invited to teach a Special Topics course so, naturally, I proposed The Constructed Photograph. Class began last week. Because Kendall is an hour away from me (2-3 hours in heavy snow), the college scheduled the class to meet twice on Fridays! How is nice is that? I have only 13 students and they are terrific. Our first meeting included an ice-breaking exercise (I now know everyone’s name—Laura, Jennifer, Andrew, Lacey, Stephanie, Blair, Brooke, Jacob, Kyle, Elise, Kristin, Hunter & Alice), a sampling of tabletop imagery coupled with a stack of books that I brought along (now I know what a pack mule feels like), a short video presentation on creativity by Vic Muniz and a real-time experiment involving a ceramic parakeet, a decorative cat plate, 2 kitty figurines, a chisel, a hammer and some Scotch tape! I can’t wait until we meet again this week!


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  1. Tom,

    I am an amateur photographer, retired physics prof, who would love to hear more about your class should you have time to put more details on your web site. Expect you will enjoy the experience (except for the driving)


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