While in NY last month, Michael Foley took me to meet John McWhinnie of John McWhinnie @ Glen Horowitz Bookseller, a buyer and seller of rare and out of print collectible edition books. John purchased one of my prints, REFLEX (2004), as a gift for artist Richard Prince. After graciously accepting our cold call, John told us the story of how someone else (the name slips me) bought Prince the same print! John also shared a sampling of recently acquired novels with racy covers!

Just as we were about to leave, I caught sight of two framed Richard Prince collages sitting on the floor (similar to the one above). Made from covers torn from nurse novels and pornography clippings, the assemblages had my jaw dropping in awe. Simple in their concept (leading me to wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”), they are objects of compositional and color perfection. In fact, I feel they are superior to his Naughty Nurse paintings (see below) and cannot stop thinking about them. They definitely fuel my desire to make more nurse pop-ups (see my Update post) for my show at Thomas Barry Fine Arts in Minneapolis in February.



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  1. iamnotagoodartist Says:

    Mr. Allen,

    I found your blog through i09 and have been looking through your work, mesmerized. Beautiful, trippy stuff.

    Also, sorry this comment is totally unrelated to this post.


  2. Hi Thomas,
    I can’t believe I wasn’t tuned into your book earlier – been too much of a workaholic. I was ordering the “Travelers” – Martin/Munoz book when Amazon recommended yours! It’s great, what a fab concept to do the board book. I can’t tell you how much we love the photo (Red) we got back in (2003?) I remember being obsessed with it for months and was so glad it was still available after I went back to work. We moved it to the living room and it’s in lovely company with a Martin/Munoz, Soth, & Shambroom. Very best – Nina

  3. My wife let me know about you, she got a BFA in Photography from the U of MN. i really like the site and your work.

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