Many of you have heard me blather on-and-on about the work I did for O Magazine (“O’s Memoir Feast”). You also know that I’ve been very secretive about it and refused to share previews with any of you. Don’t take it personally. I wouldn’t even show my mother! My wife saw a few of them, but only because we live in the same house. 

Now that the issue has finally hit the stands I am now at liberty to share the fruits of my labor with you, but I won’t. I worked day-and-night for nearly a month and a half; I spent 3 of those days cutting out a pine tree; sliced and folded multiple paper chairs, tables and beds until my fingers hurt; went through a 40 count box of X-ACTO blades (and then some) and shot over 700 digital samples.

Posting the results here is, well, just too easy!

Therefore, I suggest you look at it while standing in line at the grocery store (if you put it back I will never know), try to find the pictures online (I know of one blog that posted a few detail views) or steal it from your doctor’s/dentist’s/parole officer’s office! 

To show you that I’m not a total hard ass, I’ll give you the page number to start on: 166.

If you are stubborn, broke or forget, don’t worry. I’ll post all of the images (including the ones that were rejected) next month, once the issue is gone. 

Don’t delay.


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