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Driving to Mt. Pleasant, MI today to visit Central Michigan University. Speaking at Wightman Hall at 5:00 this evening. Workshop tomorrow from 10am – 3pm!


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dpi1Last month I was interviewed by DPI Magazine in Taiwan.  My complimentary copy arrived this week. The entire issue is devoted to space and absolutely beautiful to look at.





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Found this disturbing figure of Santa at a local thrift store this week and saw nothing remotely close to comfort and joy in his face. Instead, I couldn’t help but see this. #handsupdontshoot #icantbreathe #thomasallen63


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I will be in New York next week (November 17 – November 20) for two special events. On Tuesday night (the 18th), I will have a conversation about my work with Stacey Clarkson—Art Director of Harper’s Magazine at the Penumbra Foundation.


I will be at FOLEY the following night to celebrate the opening of a group show of FOLEY artists at its new location.


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In PRELIMINARY, I previewed sketches for a project I did for Nautilus (the coolest and most beautifully-designed science quarterly in print). Here’s what the finished product looks like. You can see more here.





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I will be a Featured Speaker (along with Amy Friend) at the Society for Photographic Education’s Southeast Regional Conference in October. This year’s event titled, “IF YOU BUILD IT…” is being hosted by East Carolina University  (Greenville, NC) at the Jenkins Fine Arts Center.  More information can be found HERE. If you are kind enough to come and here me speak, come prepared to ask me tough questions and be sure to stick around and say, “Hello” afterward.


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I thought I would share a behind-the-scenes look at how a commission evolves from start-to-finish. This is for a project I’m presently working on, but I can’t say for who or what it’s about. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I receive the full text to read. At minimum, I get a synopsis. After reading the copy, I usually rough something out quickly in pencil to get me motivated. From there I draw a more refined, yet still ragged, version via my Wacom tablet and Photoshop. This allows me to mess around with scale and element placement before I started cutting things out. The central character is very angular and rigid (intentionally). Since tentacles need to be smooth, it’s much faster for me if I create them in Illustrator. Sometimes I use the pen tool and other times the blob brush. The second tentacle is blue so that I can easily discern the overlap. From here I can move the shapes to Photoshop as pixels.

…to be continued.


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