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Looking forward to receiving my complimentary copies of the Chronicle Books compilation, ART MADE FROM BOOKS: ALTERED, SCULPTED, CARVED, TRANSFORMED.  I was one of the artists invited to contribute last year. Thank you to the book’s author—Laura Heyenga.

Release date: August 20, 2013.


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My work is part of the exhibition, WORLD OF POP-UP ART, at the Art Center IDA in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea. Special thanks to Vivian S.H. Choi for inviting me to participate.


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ZERO2FIFTYTo commemorate my 50th year (the birthday odometer rolled over in February), I’ve been looking through and scanning old family snapshots from when I was a kid. There’s something really special about printed photographs. The weight. The smell. The handwritten messages on the back. The dog-eared corners. The deckled edges of early Polaroids. I could go on. The realization that future generations will have no concept of what I’m talking about leaves me crestfallen. So, as you’re passing around your iPhone to show how cute your child is, remember this: your pictures are ones and zeros. My pictures? Matter.


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A few months ago I received an email from Estíbaliz Espinosa asking if (a) she could use on of my images on the cover of her self-published book of poems and (b) how much it would cost. She also mentioned that the collection would be free.

I firmly believe that, as artists, we need to help one another whenever possible. The feeling of making someone’s day is worth more than money. Besides, she had me sold when she wrote, “I really love your work, it weaves a fabulous perspective on the inside of books. And it returns to life so many lovely vintage pictures.”  

Now that’s poetry!


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If you happen to be in the area on Sunday March 24th, I’ll be speaking at Lourdes University in Sylvania, OH from 2-4pm.



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46 Learning Allen lo_res2

It’s always fun working with Dance Gazette – official magazine of the Royal Academy of Dance (London). This time I was asked to conceptualize the process a choreographer must go through to teach his/her moves to a dancer.





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wsj_wool_v4This appears along with the story about Hugh Howey‘s self-published novel WOOL in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. However, it only appears in the iPad App version. To see it, launch the app, tap on SECTIONS and then on ARENA. Voila!


My initial plan was to render a digital composite using a pre-photographed stack of books. However, after the above sketch was approved, I decided that I would feel better about myself if I crafted and altered everything by hand. The scorched house and trees were from cut/creased/folded/glued from the top book’s cover cloth. A wood chisel started the cave-carving process. A Dremel – fitted with a small burr attachment – shaped and smoothed the rudimentary dwelling of the underground shelter—many ‘stories’ below.



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